Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where’s My (Mac-n-) Cheese?

One bad meal does not and should not stop you from dining out altogether. In fact, one way to quickly recover from a forgettable meal is to start planning out the next. I cannot help but to equate this with having one’s heart broken. A heartbreak does not and should not stop you from loving someone again altogether. In fact, one way to recover from a broken heart is to start believing that you can and you will love again.

Okay, I just compared food to love, didn’t I ?! Ha!

So, come 4’ish, I’ve already made plans with a friend who suggested to go get some lobster mac and cheese from Capital Grille, by the Financial District area – after a couple of drinks at Stone Street. I could never and DO NOT ever say no to mac and cheese – especially after a not-so-great lunch. It is the ultimate comfort food (for the soul), the ever-familiar and go-to-meal that leave you feeling good again. You know, sort of like that ex that you know you can always ring up when that someone new did not pan out?

Okay, I just compared mac and cheese to an ex, didn’t I ?! Ha!

I wrapped up work and made my way from Midtown to Wall Street to meetup with friends for a couple of drinks at Ulysses (so original, I know) before the mac and cheese dinner. After a few glasses of cabs later and being outside under a clear sky, everything is wonderful. Suddenly, the smell of that greasy and over-priced French fries is intoxicating in a really good way. Yeeah! So we asked the wait staff for a bar menu and ordered mini cheeseburgers and potato skins with crispy bacon and sour cream. Our bar(f) food came after a relatively good wait time, nothing really exceptional about the taste, except that it was so convenient to just order it while we’re still working on our glass of wine. The mini cheeseburgers were quickly eaten to fill the empty stomach, they were definitely not ordered to be savored and enjoyed with each and every bite.

You know, the bar(f) food is sort of that first guy who approaches and buys you a drink the first time you finally go out after breaking up with someone. It did not matter if the guy was your type or not, the fact that he’s there and making you feel good again is enough. At that moment. (Oh red wine, must you cloud my judgment each and every time?)

Okay, I just compared Ulysses’ mini cheeseburgers to a (random) guy, didn’t I?! Ha!

In the end, I am still craving my mac and cheese. Surely, I will have my mac and cheese. Soon..


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  1. Addie, like the way you compared food to relationships :) Jenn