Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My 24-hour preparation for Norma...

I am excited, giddy,and giggly like a silly little girl that was asked out by her crush --- for my upcoming reservation at Norma's.

The photos, the menu, the website, the witty lines and wordings on both the menu and website, the zillion dollar lobster frittata with the super size 10oz sevruga caviar that's priced at $1,000.00 (okay most definitely not about that! Although, Norma urges you to order that and on its menu it states, "Norma Dares You to Expense This". hahaha.) So you see what I mean? On the (menu) paper alone, we are on the same exact page as far as sense of humor is concerned!

A sample of Norma's wit:
(as seen on their website)

Breakfast for lunch? Always.
Will I still be hungry? You gotta be kidding.
Do we like kids? More than whipped cream.
Dinner? Get outta here.
When can I eat there? Every day until 3.
Telephone? We've got one. . . 212.708.7460

If this has not gotten you to break a smile or a tiny bit of "ha!" sound, then you need to go and buy yourself a smidge of sense of humor.. Seriously... Yes, go get some.. NOW.

On top of that, Norma sends me an email that had me excited, giddy and giggly like a silly little girl all over again. (wow, I wish I can say the same for some of my (ex)dates. How I wish, yeah.)

The email goes..

Dear Gypsy-Addie,
This is a reminder that you have an upcoming OpenTable reservation at Norma's at Le Parker Meridien.Done. You’ve booked and you’re ready to go, almost…
In preparation for your meal at NORMA’S, this is what the doctor, oops Chef, prescribes:
• 24 hrs to go—print out the menu http://parkermeridien.com/eat.php
• 24-12 hrs to go—show off the menu and seek advice on what to order (yeah, they’re all jealous!)
• 18 hrs to go—aerobic exercise and strength training (preferably the Quickie) http://www.parkermeridien./gravity/
• Lunch the day before—remember, you’re in training, so have a protein shake • Dinner the day before—no eating after 7pm—only bread and water allowed
• Night before—dream sweet dreams of beautiful food floating through your subconscious
• Morning of—do a full yoga session with Swami Ramdev Ji http://www.divyayoga.com/freePranayamTraning.htm
• Arrive on time and tell me that the “Swami sent you”
• You’ve made it, now time to eat!

See you soon,

So you see.. It's humorous, sounds fun and delicious, exactly what we all wish our dates would be. Oh Norma, I seriously cannot wait..

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