Thursday, June 10, 2010

The forgettable lunch

Post lunch Thursday June 10th 2010

Today, I am finally starting my food blog.
Close friends, family and colleagues had consistently urged me to start one - and I am finally starting it. Why now, I asked myself. Why not the time when I had that melt-in- your-mouth Berkshire Pork at Asiate over at Mandarin Oriental Hotel while appreciating the stunning floor-to-ceiling views of Central Park and Columbus Circle.
I remember having the Berkshire pork that night, which was

prepared three ways (all three were delicious but it was the braised pork which had me singing “that’s the way aha aha I like it!”) served with Japanese sweet potato and pickled black radish. Wow! Asiate was over two years ago, as I just checked my account and saw that I dined there February 18th, 2008.

After many reservations to countless restaurants and 8,100 Open Table Dining Points later (from my account alone, not including the many dinners and meals that I joined in with colleagues, ex-colleagues, friends, ex-friends (haha), families, ex-families (lol, yes its possible) dates, and ex-dates (roflmao), I picked today Thursday, 10th of June 2010 to embark on my food blogging adventure.

Yes, why now? When the lunch that I just had was totally forgettable, nothing special that should drive me to have an epiphany, or not even near what I would consider foodgasmic. In fact, it left me pretty unsatisfied that I had to run to the vending machine for a bag of M&M peanuts to hold me off until my next feeding time (yes, I am talking about dinner). I must admit, the meal did drove me to tears. That’s because I was trying to drown the “plain”-fully taste of hardened sushi rice with a big piece of wasabi.
I sit here writing about my uninteresting lunch and I have to bear a few more hours of being reminded of the experience as I still smell the leftover soy sauce that I chucked in my recycling bin (which now serves as my garbage can). Well, how much (satisfying) taste can I really expect from a $3.99 Salmon Snack (lunch) Bux that I bought from Pret, right?

As always, I look at every (good and bad) experience, dining included -- in my glass half full perspective. I am therefore looking forward to my next meal !!


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