Sunday, June 27, 2010

The United Nations Brunch

While the United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-moon is in Canada (Toronto) this weekend, attending the summit of the G20 industrialized and developing economies; a similar huddle (three lovely delegates flew in from Edmonton, Canada, three from USA and one from Switzerland - for real!) at the Sunburnt Cow located in lower East Side, Manhattan wherein an informal discussion of promoting peace (we took a few pictures with the peace sign up) and commitment to eradicating the economic downtrend (by investing our money on food, mimosas, pizzas, etc.).
Like all other important summits, we started ours pretty early at 10 am, but we watched the soccer game (Germany vs England; We were pretty fair here as well. We cheered whenever Germany scored a goal and cheered as loudly whenever they showed David Beckham (from England)on screen) instead of a presentation from one of our seven "delegates". Oh and we had unlimited mimosas (Moomosa's) instead of coffee or tea.
While our delegate from Switzerland updated us with her current project to benefit charities in Mongolia, this morning we financially supported the Sunburnt Cow, an Australian establishment and ordered:
Buttermilk Banana Pikelets - very good, its almost a cross between a pancake and a French Toast. It is sweet enough, can be even sweeter with the maple syrup that was provided, moist, buttery and soft but a tad toasted.
Bush Benedict - was your typical eggs benedict, an English muffin topped with bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce, served with french fries and a side salad. The poached eggs that I had were overcooked, or just not how the way I wanted my poached eggs - you know that ever so slightly runny poached eggs that I can dip the English muffin into. (Others do prefer a firmer, meatier poached egg.) The side salad was like a plate filler, very uneventful.
All in all, not the best food, nor mimosas (but it's unlimited, so really no complaints here), the service was great, friendly and courteous. The bartenders were attentive (do I consider the mimosa glass fillers bartenders as well?) - but beware there's a scary hair-less doll that was displayed next to the liquors by the bar.
Would I come back here? Yes, definitely..
1. To ask what's the deal with the doll
2. To hopefully have another pow-wow brunch (SOON, i hope) with these lovely delegates so we can solve the imbalance of men to women ratio in New York City.
Please don't forget to support our Switzerland delegate's cause via:

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  1. Great blog Addie! Let me know if you are ever in Switzerland and we can work on a blog on the 'Land of Cheese and Chocolate!'

    Support for our Mongol Rally, a crazy journey across 23 countries and completely in keeping with the United Nations Brunch theme, is always welcomed!