Sunday, March 25, 2012



420 E 59th St(between 1st Ave & Sutton Pl)

New York, NY 10022

Morso celebrates the sweet joy we take in savoring those little bites of life. Enjoy! - Pino Luongo

Just right under the Queensboro bridge is one of Pino Luongo's restaurant, Morso. A casual, retro atmosphere, with a menu that combines Pino's classic italian and Mediterranean flavors.

A picture of Morso's playful wall is aptly inscribed with the phrase, "Take a Bite"

I was delighted to see the variety in menu selections and also the idea of half (morso!!) and full (tutto) portions. The price range are reasonable, Morso (Small Main Dish): $14.00 - $16.00
Tutto (Large Main Dish): $24.00 - $30.00.

The Press Tasting that I was invited to, are all in the bite sizes, which are still very generous portions. We started wonderfully with splendid combination of Gorgonzola, fritters, roasted pears, endives (yeah! gotta eat as much endives while still in season), frisee, spiced walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette.

The press dinner will not be the same without a classic Pino, of course.

This picture does not give justice to the dish which is definitely one of my favorites from the menu. The spaghetti, which is fresh and cooked al dente, is superb with carbonara, onions, eggs, picorino cheese and guanciale. Ahhh, Morso, you had me as guanciale! Leaner than most pork bacon products, this little baby still boasts so much and so rich of flavor. I am going tutto on this one.

The agnello is another favorite, and unfortunately the attached image is also an injustice. A delicious dish of grilled lamb chops, crispy eggplant & lamb roll, white beans, mint sauce.

Well there's only one solution for these not so great pictures. I may have to go back to Morso for another meal, may it be morso or tutto!

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