Friday, December 24, 2010

SPEED PLATING - Are you freaking serious ??

I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I got to page 34 of my Women’s Health Magazine. Almost choked, really irked and made me laugh in disgust. Speedplating? Really? What is the world coming to?

Speed Plating as described in WH, is a speed dating for foodies, where singles are paired off with a different date for each part of a four-course meal. According to the magazine, these food-focused flirt-fests are now taking place in New York City and will be expanding to more cities.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer letting happenstance do it’s job when it comes to the matters of my heart. I like the idea of someone catching my eye before I let him catch me in all of my glory, sharing and devouring a four-course meal, that is. I prefer it when I meet that special someone because he was courageous enough to introduce himself to me, asked my number and calls to invite me for dinner. To you guys out there, this is not high maintenance, it’s called dating.

Yes, we live in such a fast-paced world; it’s a necessity to multi-task. But let’s not bring multi-tasking into the dining table or the bedroom – worst of all, trying to combine the two in one sitting. Seriously, what’s the next concept in line after this? Mail-order-spouse with your Amazon order? Combo #9 with Date #2??

To all my single ladies out there, please let this concept fail. I think this was inspired by George Costanza, eating a pastrami sandwich while watching a portable TV during foreplay. And guess what, George’s girlfriend was NOT happy. I'm just saying.......



  1. I am with you 100% not at my table...and not in my bed

  2. LOL. I miss the old days when people just meet organicly - like friends of friends, you know?

  3. @ Blanca - the ratio of men to women is scarily in favor of men. Are they going to import some men from Alaska?

    @ Melody - Yeah, when did that get so obsolete? Are we going to start hearing "You had me at Shrimp Cocktail" romance stories?

  4. LOL!!! What a place this world has turned into...speedplating..gosh!! All the things they can think of! What's next, are they gonna group the foodies by their food preferences categories??:p