Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Fiorini Restaurant

209 East 56th Street
(Between Second Avenue and Third Avenue)
New York, NY 10022

(212) 308-0830


When Hippocrates said, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food", for sure, he wasn't specifically saying that a good dining experience can cure one's dreadful memory. Well, its been almost three months since I attended Fiorini's Press Dinner and my memory, as selective as it oftentimes could be, the "selective" part evaded me as I write this piece.

Fiorini is a new venture by acclaimed Restaurateur/Chef Lello Arpaia of restaurants such as Lello, Scarlatti, Cellini, Bellini has combined his deep understanding of food and the business with Executive Chef Xavier Quispilema's crafty menu of eclectic selection of classic and regional, yet modern Italian dishes.

First of all, Mr. Arpaia is an individual that is hard to forget! He has the "cool, calm and collected" demeanor down pat. His attentiveness and alacrity to answer our questions embodies the atmosphere of Fiorini. The food is memorable, the atmosphere is cool and calm and the service is attentive. It is no wonder that I do not have a hard time in remembering and writing about Fiorini. This place is no "little flower", rather it is amply ambrosial.

POLPO AI FERRI – a very tender and grilled to perfection octopus and is lightly dressed in olive oil, caper berries, black olives, arugula and red onions. If you are not a fan of octopus, this dish might get you to sing a different tune.

Pan seared diver scallop, caper berries, lemon, white wine, fresh parsley and asparagus. The scallop was cooked to perfection!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the BRANZINO "acqua pazza". This European seabass is fresh, mild yet savory and even a bit nutty taste to it. A recommended must order!

PASTA FRESCA - Fresh homemade pappardelle with jumbo lump crabmeat, basil, cherry tomatoes in a light lobster broth.

The pasta is fresh and the crabmeat, there's a reason why it was described "jumbo lump", because IT IS.

BURRATA - Very creamy imported mozzarella, roasted peppers, asparagus, prosciutto di Parma. This transported me to Cloud nine. Big fan of mozzarella. Big fan of prosciutto!

At Fiorini's you will also appreciate wine director, Stefano Conenna who saw to it that we are provided with a variety of wines (predominantly Italian) and are also available by the glass. In addition, some must try specialty cocktails such are: Fiorini (Prosecco and Fresh Strawberry
Puree), Melograno (Absolut Citron, Reduced Blackberry Puree, Hint of Triple Sec, Fresh Mint), and L’Amore (Southern Comfort, Muddled Pomegranate and Apple Compote, Fresh Lime Juice).