Monday, September 27, 2010

David Burke Prime, so good, it makes me rhyme.

**I've been to David Burke's restaurants in Las Vegas, in New York and now Chicago. I find his dishes deliciously playful, and I had to write my blog about his restaurant in a similar manner. I used 5 different nursery rhymes as an inspiration, do you recognize any or all of them?

Here goes..

There was a not so old of a woman who loved shoes.
She had so many shoes, she knew what to do.
To the Prime, she wore her favorite gray pair from LAMB
Not to be mistaken with the lamb that can be made into a good broth,
The meal started with some fresh and warm bread,
With whipped butter, surely it’s a meal we’ll be talking about in bed.

Six pretty ladies sat down to dine;
Wait staff passed by and they asked for wine;
Amanda, Addie, Caitlin, Tammy, Kelly and Christine,
"Can I get you anything else?"
"Shrimp cocktail, surf and turf dumplings and an angry lobster as a start ."
"Shall I come back for the rest of your orders?"
"No, no, Miss, please follow it with filet mignons, tuna steak and some dry aged steak .""
Oh, no, we’ll not stop ; we’d like some creamed spinach, basil Whipped potato ."
“And a dessert that’s not tart.”
“Why, we do have a great one”
“You must try our Red Velvet Cake in a Can.”
“Yes we will, yes we will.”
“And yes, it was yum. It was yummy yum in our tum tum.”

Little Miss Tammy, sat next to a muppet,
Eating her delicious food and drinking her red wine;
Not sure what happened, but water came spilling down, goodness its not wine,
The muppet helped Miss Tammy
By wiping Tammy’s dress to keep the water away.

A good steak on a great day
Sends the doctor far far away
Thick and juicy steak in the evening
Doctor won’t be warning
A fabulously fresh tuna steak at night
Will make any doctor jealous outright
We ate a delicious meal that we’ll be dreaming in bed
David Burke was born to feed
If I can have a similar meal, Three each day, seven days a week Ruddy apple, ruddy cheek .

To Prime, to prime, if you’re off to phat meal not a pig,
So delicious it would make you eat again, back to Prime again, jiggety jig.
To Prime, to Prime, to have the Red Velvet Cake in a Can ,
Its like a little piece of heaven, .yes I am a FAN =)